The Responsible Gaming

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Basically, responsible gambling is a set of behavioural guidelines that should guide the player in his gambling choices so that he plays consciously, rationally, and exercising full control of the time and money he can spend on this activity without ever jeopardizing his family social, and professional responsibilities. As I have told you several times, sports betting and casino games should be used as a form of entertainment since they are based on luck and chance.  Don’t forget that the ball is round, and all outcomes are possible. It is one thing to get upset because you lost a bet. It’s another to be on crackers for two weeks because, by the middle of the month, you’ve already blown your paycheck on bets.

Player protection is the foundation of responsible gambling. Therefore, operators and suppliers of gambling products should safely offer them, minimizing risk factors and harming players.

Now there is a very important issue here. This kind of protection is only available to you if you play with a licensed operator. It’s that old question of whether you order an item from abroad directly from the brand or a cheap imitation. If something goes wrong, the brand will guarantee your protection and help you get your item back. Not so much the dubious website where you bought the cheapest imitation (and good luck getting a customer service contact). With this silly example, I want to say that before you start playing, research and inform yourself about the operator you are going to use because many look like official brands, but in the end are a warehouse that nobody knows very well the origin.

In your player account you can:
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly deposit and play limits so that you can organize your budget;
  • Check how much time you have already spent gambling online;
  • View your transaction and betting history and check your existing balance;
  • Take a self-assessment test of your gambling habits;
  • Suspend the gambling activity at any time through the mechanisms of pause or self-exclusion.
Gambling responsibly and in moderation is always your best bet. Have fun with your games because, after all, that’s what they were created for.