What is a live online casino?

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More and more online casino sites are starting to offer live games. Online live casino games are played by a dealer streaming the game from a physical location. As a player, you follow the game on video, placing your bets and making your moves while chatting with both the dealer and the other players. This way, such live online casino sites offer a much more authentic and social experience than regular online casinos.

Live online casino

Online casino games with live dealers feel more authentic

Normally, when playing an online casino, an algorithm controls which cards are drawn, which dice a roll ends up with and where the ball in roulette lands. Unfortunately, while these algorithms mimic real-life randomness, it doesn’t give you the same feeling.

There is no algorithm in charge in live games, which makes the whole experience more authentic and intense. At the same time, many people enjoy their contact with the dealer and the other players.

What games can be played live?

It varies from casino site to casino site, which games they offer in the live version. However, popular live games include:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat

So you can play games that are 100% based on luck, as well as games that combine luck and skill.

How do live casino games work technically?

Technically, live casino games work by setting up the game in a physical location. Here, an HD camera and a stable internet connection are set up. The live game is then streamed in high quality, so you can easily follow the cards, dice and whatever else is shown in the video.

The dealer will often be service-minded, smiling and friendly – and you will have the opportunity to chat live with him or her. That way, you can ask questions if you have any and get a much more lively and social experience out of your game.

Can I try the live games for free?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. You can’t. As there are a lot of costs (such as room hire and wages) associated with setting up live games, being able to try them for free is generally not an option.

If you are very curious about how it works, you can check out live games videos on YouTube.

How to find the best live games?

Who offers the coolest live games depends on who you ask – it’s all down to taste. Some like the more serious dealers, while others like sites that feature beautiful women as dealers or have very chatty dealers, for example. But otherwise, many of the same rules apply when you’re looking for a good site for regular online gambling: namely, that you should go for sites that the Gambling Authority approves. To do this, you should always read the site’s terms and conditions before creating a profile.